Sarona's Prop's Sports Bar & Grill #1 Leinenkugel Wisconsin Red Pale Ale Seller

Prop's On Long Lake Named Number One Seller Of Wisconsin Red Pale Ale

Washburn County's Prop's On Long Lake Sports Bar & Grill Sells More Leinie's Red Pale Ale Than Anywhere

Thank you, Richard J. Leinenkugel . Prop’s Sports Bar & Grill keeps at least six Leinenkugel’s drafts on tap. But apparently what sells the most is Leinie’s Red Pale Ale, which they describe as “red, ‘hop forward’ and exclusively for Wisconsin.”

Leinenkugel Writes:

We are delighted to recognize Prop’s Sports Bar & Grill in Sarona, WI as the number one Leinenkugel’s Wisconsin Red Pale Ale Account in the world based on sales in 2018. On behalf of our brewery and our 125 employees in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, thank you for your loyalty and for serving our Leinenkugel’s beers.

Wisconsin Red Pale Ale is made exclusively for Wisconsin pubs, residents, and visitors. A unique craft beer, lovingly refined from the very best ingredients including hops, barley, oats, and clear, Wisconsin water. The midwestern brewing company considers this amber, pale delight to be a tribute to the the state’s proud craft beer culture.  Or, Consider it a love letter to the trade of badger beer-making? Either way, this fantastic ale is perfect for a hot day on Long Lake.

Wisconsin beer enthusiasts are proud to congratulate the Leinenkugel Company and its employees on their 152nd year of making great Midwestern beer right here in the badger state. Founded six generations ago in 1867, the family owned craft brewer grows stronger daily with the support of Northwoods draft houses, local visitors, and tourists to the Northwoods.

So stop by Prop’s On Long Lake, the World’s #1 Seller of Leinie’s Wisconsin Red Pale Ale, located on Long Lake in Sarona Wisconsin. Enjoy a great seat and have a Leinie’s with your meal. Prop’s restaurant menu uncludes the lake’s best Walleye Fish Fry on Fridays. But also stop by any day of the week for Prop’s excellent pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, kids menu, and sixteen different appetizers.